Fat Shaming is as bad as Racism

I’m a pretty chilled out guy, I’m tolerant, patient and friendly. I treat everybody with equal respect and try to educate and better myself in all aspects of life. Ok that’s my ‘niceness’ CV bla bla bla i’m so perfect….Actually I’m not, I can get grumpy, I can be blunt and insensitive, and I have a bad habit of lecturing people I love on subjects they really don’t care about, (even if I feel they should care).

Obviously I have a passion for health and weight loss, so when I hear ‘Fat Shaming’ I literally feel my blood boil, my tolerance and patience disintegrates and I find myself ranting incoherently. Kinda similar to my reaction when I hear Donald Trump speak.


As normal, sensible, thoughtful people we do not tolerate Racism. People have been persecuted for there race or religion since the beginning of mankind and sadly it is still happening today, but we try not to allow these ridiculous ignorant and prejudice people enter our consciousness. When was the last time we saw a video on Facebook of somebody ranting or trying to be funny in a racist way? You won’t have, who in there right mind will ‘like’ a racist rant and even if they did ‘Like’ such a post, Facebook would remove the video within about a millisecond of its appearance.

Being Fat

The environmental and psychological factors have such a big influence in determining somebodies weight and size (not to mention genetics), that to judge somebody in a prejudicial manner for being overweight is fundamentally the same as judging somebody for the colour of there skin.

So why do I often see Fat Shaming videos from some wannabe comedian or somebody simply with a chip on there shoulder, and thousands of comments underneath of ‘so funny’ ‘That’s so true’ etc and a squillion likes….

The reason why people believe Fat Shaming is acceptable is that most people believe that being overweight is the fault of the person who is over weight, this is so ignorant and uneducated. I don’t believe there is one person who is deliberately over weight (OK maybe a Sumo Wrestler), and as I eluded too, there are so many factors determining somebodies body weight, that to think it is ‘your’ fault for looking the way you do is ridiculous.

It is sad that people who are unhappy with the way they look and feel about there weight are being exposed to a barrage of abuse just so somebody can get a few more hits on there youtube channel which only adds to anxiety and depression.

Shame on the Fat Shamers

Look people, there is so much pointless bad sh1t in the world, surely people have better things to do than be pointlessly horrible? Mr and Mrs Fat Shamer, you do realise you are only displaying deep rooted psychological issues of your own, on the world wide web for everybody to see? And com-on, please can we see a bit of compassion and less ignorance, as life is short and mostly pointless, lets try and rise above the bull sh1t and try to better ourselves as a human race.

As my Mum always said…

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”


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