Do you want to stop the stomach pain?

Hi, I’m Ben and I am a Health Coach. Since my mid twenties, while working crazy hours for the BBC in London, I have suffered with indigestion, stomach pain and the excruciating pain of a stabbing stomach ulcer, I have spent years on prescribed and alternative medication, desperately trying to cure my stomach problems but it wasn’t until I seriously analysed my diet, lifestyle, exercise and sleep patterns did I discover how to manage and virtually cure my stomach ulcer. Now after nearly 20 years of suffering with stomach problems, I am able to live drug free and can spot the early signs of indigestion or worse a stomach ulcer relapse, I’m able to quickly employ strategies and techniques to get myself back on the right track and prevent falling back to long term stomach issues.

I want to help you discover the relaxed feeling of a pain free stomach and banish indigestion and heartburn for the long term, if you’re unfortunate enough to occasionally or regularly get the awful symptoms of a sharp stabbing pain in your chest where your stomach ulcer is being hit by acid, I will help you get rid of this debilitating pain.

If you suffer from any of the below:

  • A constant gnawing pain in your stomach.
  • Regular indigestion or heartburn .
  • You have been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and have been treated with antibiotics and PPI’s.
  • If you are a long term user of PPI’s drugs or over the counter anti acid drugs .

I can help you!

I have developed a step by step plan to analyse your lifestyle and to pinpoint trigger foods. I will help you develop a detailed plan and coping strategies to finally solve your long term stomach pain. I will coach you and help you make the right choices.

It is very hard for people to appreciate the pain of indigestion, heartburn or a stomach ulcer unless they have experienced it. A lot of people have had the occasional bit of indigestion but may not appreciate the long term effects of a chronic condition. I have experienced many doctors fob me off in the past, and when I suggested to a doctor I thought I may have a stomach ulcer I remember he was very dismissive and surprised when my test results came back as positive. Drugs alone are not a long term solution to this condition and with my help I will give you the methods to take back control of your stomach pain.

How do we work together? 

I work with all my clients on the Phone/Skype with follow up emails. After our first initial mini session I give my clients some home work which forms the basis of our first proper session. I will devise a schedule and and a plan to meet your individual needs and to get you better!

Please sign up for your free mini session now, this consists of a 30 minute chat where we get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit. I need to assess if I can help you and I can tell you a little more about my programme.

please email now to book a free mini session.